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    Software Driven Network Security Company
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Why Parta Networks ?

Our staff, adopts the philosophy that network and Internet security is not only the product but a process. We offer to our customers the appropriate topologies and we make the difference by integration with other network products, adding consultancy and training into this process.

Our Mission

Our company's foundation purpose is to develop network/network security related products by approaching the cyber security with the right concepts and methods. Security is our lifestyle.

Our Quality Policy

We focus on ongoing improvement in our products and services and aim to achieve the highest level of satisfaction for our customers.To this end, the entire Parta Networks team is focused on contributing to the value of the products and services we offer.

Parta Networks - a Software Driven Network Security Company -

Parta was launched to develop firewall solution that didn’t cost a small fortune in 2006. Even in the years when firewalls were seen as a hardware product, we took care to develop software with a perfectionist perspective.

We always knew that the future would be software's. Our flagship enterprise firewall platform, PartaGuard, is still available. We've never changed our focus at cyber security.

Our new software defined network product, Targitas, comes to recreate the concept of SD-WAN and SD-Security. And now Parta is trying to become one of the most innovative, software defined network provider. Keep in touch with us!


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R & D Focused Software Development

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13 Years Of Experience

We coded over 2 millions lines of codes and deleted lots of them. We changed host operating systems, programming languages and methods but never give up improving our products.

In the process that started with the development of classical firewall software, we have developed many products such as hotspot, logging, next generation firewall, network router, network monitoring software. We are pleased to develop our SD-WAN product which is brand-new.

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Our Products

PartaGuard, is a next generation intelligent cyber security solution that is known as the "Next Generation Firewall" in the information security literature.

Targitas, is a software-defined wide area network solution which makes orchestration from branch to backbone area.

PartaPoint, authenticates the user before internet access via integrated modules.

Parta-ID, is a real-time software that provides flexible management for Microsoft Active Directory.

Next Generation Firewall

SD-WAN Controller & Router


Active Directory Manager