Beyond Traditional Firewalls

Targitas as a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) is designed as an alternative to traditional firewalls that cannot meet the needs against current threats and increasing attacks. In addition to the basic features such as Layer 3 / Layer 7 packet filtering, NAT (Network Address Translation), NAPT (NAT Address Port Translation), VPN in traditional firewalls, Targitas provides integrated features such as Intrusion Prevention/Detection, SSL inspection, Packet Analysis, Malware Detection, Application filtering and 2-Factor Authentication to present deep defense against next-generation threats without performance loss.


In addition to the mentioned facilities, Targitas has the ability to perform integrated management, control, logging and reporting log analysis results from one place, and provides a user-friendly interface with wider and detailed graphical solutions for log monitoring within the scope of full compliance with 5651 law.


Targitas which makes Firewall policies manageable on a user and group basis with the active directory integration provides that the users of SSL VPN and L7 level enable SSL technology connection from a remote location by writing special security rules and access controls without the need for additional hardware. Targitas also allows L7 level URL Filtering using at least 150 million categorized domains.