Why Do You Need to Make Security Checks on a Regular Basis?

System administrators may be particularly likely to make mistakes in their daily routine. However, they neglect and ignore them.

Hacker groups show more activity than system administrators.

The results of the Penetration Test give you short and medium term preventions. These preventions protect administrators from damages by the hacker groups.

Penetration Test Steps

The customer signs a confidentiality agreement at the first meeting. The content of the test is clarified.

The purpose of this meeting is to determine the scope, to emphasize confidentiality and to get pre-information about the systems

Security issues and network penetration tests are performed remotely and/or on-site according to requests of customers.

During the service, we stay in touch with the customer.

Then, results of the test are analyzed. Reports are prepared in the following process and results are shared.

Finally, a confirmation is obtained by customer for the deficits and missing configurations, if confirmed, the pentest is terminated.

Network Penetration Test Flow Diagram