MPLS Router

High Performance

Targitas as a MPLS Router is used not only to direct fast and secure traffic between your different branches or corporate networks located at many more points and but also to connect networks to remote destinations. It provides the most optimal routing in internal and external network via RIP, OSPF and BGP protocols.

Secure Virtualizer

Targitas ensures the creation of a consistent label database in MPLS traffic by sharing labels on the network over the LDP protocol. By means of VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service) feature, Targitas connects endpoints as if they are included in the same local network via BGP and LDP protocols. Furthermore it provides a secure end-to-end encapsulation / line with VLL (Virtual Leased Line).


Targitas contributes to improve the performance of network traffic with QoS (Quality Of Service) which is used to manage packet loss, latency and jitter problems in the network. Allowing point-to-point network communication modules with all these features, Targitas provides its users with the use of a network topology that can be managed from a single point.

BRAS Capable

Targitas as a Broadband Remote Access Server (BRAS) provides ISP technology to its users. Targitas, which has the ability to send IP traffic to the internet over the ISP backbone, can serve multiple service providers simultaneously by means of Point-to-Point Over Ethernet (PPPoE) Server feature.